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Mac Studio is upgradable but Apple prevents it

What happens if you try to UPGRADE a $5,000 Mac Studio

Mac Studio is upgradable

Mac Studio is upgradable but Apple prevents it

Apple’s new Mac Studio features removable SSD storage. However, a video shows that the upgrade is difficult, not because of hardware limitations, but because the company prohibits hard disk swaps at the software level.

The company claims that Mac Studio has storage space that users cannot access. But authorized service providers are likely to offer upgrades in the future.

Unlike all other computers with M1 processors, Mac Studio memory is not soldered to the motherboard.

Accessing the SSD is a difficult task, including removing the rubber ring at the bottom of the device, disconnecting the circuit board, and unplugging the exposed power supply.

But it turns out that the expandable SSD hardware slots aren’t of much use. And the company appears to be blocking any additional storage or software-level swapping, even if you can decompile Mac Studio to access it.

This means that you have to buy an Apple SSD for additional storage, even if you’re willing to completely disassemble your computer to do so.

Fits corporate style. As Apple indicates on the Mac Studio product page: Users cannot access Mac Studio storage. If you think you will need more storage space in the future, consider configuring a larger capacity.

Apple decides to restrict Mac Studio

The problem is how companies treat their users. Because Mac Studio includes removable drives, organizations don’t have to hide them behind rubber pads and potentially dangerous power supplies, or lock them with software.

However, Apple prevents you from upgrading your Mac Studio’s internal storage. Neither option is acceptable, whether it’s to prevent users from messing with hardware in search of a cheaper SSD upgrade or to push customers toward more expensive options.

The company clearly took this approach on purpose. Mac Studio is not a laptop or tablet, it’s a desktop computer. Presumably, it could have provided expandable storage at the expense of a slightly larger chassis.

Apple also can’t advocate for things like consolidated memory. It offers tangible benefits by not offering any user-replaceable components. But these are removable drives.