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Oculus Quest switches from Facebook to Meta Quest

Oculus Quest switches from Facebook to Meta Quest

Oculus Quest switches from Facebook to Meta Quest

Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc. , naming its devices to match its new name. Meta Technology Director Andrew Bosworth announced that the company is phasing out its Oculus brand, including the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

From 2022, the Oculus Quest product line will be called the Meta Quest. The Oculus app has become the Meta Quest app.

The Facebook Portal for the video device will also be renamed in the coming months.

“When people buy our products, we want them to clearly understand that all of these devices are from META and that they fit our vision for Metaverse,” Bosworth wrote in the post.

This is the name Facebook acquired when it acquired Oculus in 2014.

We all have a strong relationship with the Oculus brand, Bosworth added. It’s a tough decision. I assure you, Oculus’ original vision remains rooted in how the Meta continues to drive mass adoption of virtual reality.

Some Oculus products have also been branded Horizon, reflecting the company’s Metaverse platform.

“We are developing Meta Horizon as a brand that includes all of our immersive social experiences, such as Horizon Workrooms and Horizon Worlds,” Bosworth said. We will soon be moving from Oculus to Horizon Home, Horizon Venues, Horizon Friends, and Horizon Profile.

Facebook Reality Labs has changed its name to Reality Labs. “Oculus remains an important part of us and remains a brand of developer tools and software,” Bosworth said in a tweet.

Learn more about Meta Quest and Meta Portal

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed Meta’s name in a keynote speech at Facebook’s annual Connect conference (formerly Oculus Connect, possibly referred to as Meta Connect).

Zuckerberg explained the change as a solution to confusion around the company’s name and branding for a particular social app.

Zuckerberg discovered an issue that required Oculus users to log into Facebook. “I think it is difficult to log in with a Facebook account or an account on social media,” he said.

Bosworth asked the same question. “Similar to the feedback we’ve heard from the broader virtual reality community, we’re exploring a new way to log into Quest without a Facebook account, which will be rolling out next year,” he said. This is one of our priority areas of work.

The company announced that Meta Quest for Business will allow users to sign in with a business account instead of a personal Facebook account, and we could see bigger changes in the coming months.